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How To Start App Development Company: A Detailed Case Study

This article is a detailed case study of an Appreneur who made an App Empire and run his 6-figure App Development Company using his iPhone.  During Research, I have got many astonishing ideas that can be implemented in your business also. These Useful Tips from AppEmpire Will Help to Skyrocket your Firm.  So,  Stay till the last because this article is going to change your perception & prospect both.


Today, everyone knows that mobile app development is a booming industry. Due to Widespread uses of mobile/smartphone, the market for the app development Company has grown rapidly. So,  I am here to tell you a mystery of earning millions of dollars from Bed.

Did you hear about Chad Mureta?

No????, Yes,  but not in depth?  Chad Mureta is an entrepreneur or you can say that an  Appreneur, speaker, and consultant. He is the CEO of AppEmpire, Co-founder of T3 and Best Apps.

Actually, he was initially a real estate business person. Shocked??

Yes, he was. But how did he become a great mobile app developer?  This is a case study of APPEmpire or you can say Chad Mureta.

Let me tell you the saga,

Once he was returning to home in the evening and unfortunately he had been a horrible accident. He got badly injured and admitted to hospital. It results as his real estate business started going down and financial condition was getting worst day by day. While in Hospital his best friend gave him an article about app market that article change Chad’s mind in a very short period of time. Chad Started designing and developing apps and within less than 2 years he made many apps. Sold 3 App companies that made millions of dollars.

So do you also want to be the Chad Mureta?

Of course, you can. Stay tuned till the last of the article.  I will lead you what to do to become the next Chad Mureta.


Chad Mureta developed more than 40 Apps and have had had more than 35 million app downloads across the globe. Over 95% of his apps were successful.  One of his app averages $33k/month in profit within 2 Months.

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After he founded AppEmpire, He started running his business from his iPhone and worked less than 5 hours/week.

Have you heard? An idea that can change your life. but today it’s an app that can change your life.

Did you know?


Instagram was bought by Facebook for 1 billion$ dollars.

In this case study, I will reveal the step-by-step formula for Rapid app development and sales Optimization.

1. Work from your bed

Have you ever heard that passive income?

When you make money while you sleep or when you are not working that type of income is passive income. Chad started app development from hospital bed gradually made some great and started earning on it.

If you love to be with your family, if you like to sleep till late ( like me), if you don’t want to stressed financial issues, you will have to find a way to generate passive income. Developing mobile app is a great way to be a millionaire in a very short period of time

2. Virtual world- Real Dollar


Suppose you have developed an app that is generating only $20 every day. it will be $200 per day. For an Indian $200/ day means approx. Rs. 4 lakh/month.

Think you have to develop an app once and make an easy income consistently. The more apps you develop, the more you will learn.

3. Freedom

When Chad was a real estate Businessman, he used to work 70 hours/week.

So, I don’t think its called freedom.  But when he became an App developer he was working only 5 hours per week.

I have a good friend from the UK. He also Designs and Develops Mobile apps.

You know?  what does he do?  He has developed many great Apps that is generating millions everyone and he spends several months on holidays and doing nonprofit work no matter what your dream lifestyle is you can have it as an entrepreneur.

4. Opportunity


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More than 6.8 billion cell phones are being used worldwide and AC market is rapidly booming with no sign of slowing down. Let me tell you about “flappy bird” a mobile game developed by Vietnamese video game Artist and programmer under his game development company.

The game was launched in May 2013 and got popular in early 2014. You will be shocked to know that during that time the game was making about $50,000 per day from In-app downloads And advertisement also.

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On February 10, 2014, the Flappy bird was removed from both the app platform.

He said that game was addictive in nature and people overused it.

There are lots of success stories of Smartphone apps and games such as


1., Candy Crush which makes $63,000 per day.

  1. KetApp which make 6.5 million dollars per month.
  2. SuperCell which makes 2 million dollars per day.

Here is what you have to do to be the next Chad Mureta.


Here Learning is the Crucial Part. You’ve probably Learned many Skills But Are you still learning? If Not, Start Learning Today. Everyday You may Notice Some Experiments in your Expertise field. Learn them. Learn From Everyone.

Android app development business is really attending business opportunity we have a great scope in upcoming days. Did you set up your app development company you must know how to develop apps?

Learning app development is not a big deal. You may worry that you’re not related to technology but no problem.
have you heard “where there is will, there is a way”

There are many online courses and offline courses available you can easily search private institutions in a location that will teach you how to develop apps.
According to the survey, India has the most number of Android phones.

The small startup, eCommerce business, and private organizations always need Android apps for your organization and they are ready to pay a good amount of money for that.

Dude if you don’t like to work under a boss of the company, if you love to work at home and make your own app development company get ready and start learning.

” Learn active and earn passive”

I will recommend you to join an online course over Udemy or Coursera.
They don’t charge more it will take around 10 to $20 complete the app development course if you want to learn for free, look at this

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1`. Edx
2. YouTube
3. blogs

2. Implementation

Now that you’ve learned and completed the course. It’s time to implement all those Theory or Plans into action. start With a small and try to implement all those things that you’ve learned. You may have got an idea, convert that dream into actions using your Coding Skills. Implementation Should be Frequent. You don’t have to spend so much time over small things. Rush all the old concepts and materials as soon as you can. then, Get into the Present Developer arena.

Remember – Most of the troubles are due to poor implementation. So Implement Your Skills well and learn everyday.


Android app development company are gaining momentum. It is spreading fast. A short-term App development Course and Good Implementation can Lead You to a great Milestone. Working from Inside your bed & Earn while you sleep gives a pleasant Happiness. Start Your Own App development Company In India. It Will not give you Great and peaceful life, You will also Create some Job Opportunities. And the Best Thing- You will be Own Boss.

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