Best Part Time Job Ideas For Students – Work From Home

best part time job ideas for student

Best Part-Time Job Ideas For Student

1. Freelance Content Writer

A freelance Content writer has an astonishing future ahead and scope of content writing is also good. Today, being a freelance content writer is very popular among Youths.

Content writers are highly in demand from small companies to big MNCs and I.T companies. You will get chances to work as a content writer for any business. In my experience, I have seen that lots of content writing jobs are being outsourced to freelance content writers.

It is one of the best part-time job ideas for students. Many freelance writers are making 1-2 lakh/Month. An experienced freelance writer charges $100-200 for a single article.

This amazing job field is not much old. It’s very new. People in this job don’t have more than 10 years of experience.

It is the era of digital marketing. Content writing is the heart of any Industry. This is the reason behind the tremendous demand of content writers.

As a content writer,

*You can write for blogs.

* Join a company as a permanent content writer.

Like all business, Freelance writing job has its own advantage and disadvantages.

The Biggest disadvantage of being a freelance content writer is the absence of financial stability. They often complain about this. As a freelance web developer, I have also experienced the same thing. But, If you got some cool experience. There are lots of ways that will help you to get stability.

While working for others as a writer, you must also start a blog for you. Peoples are making millions every month from blogging. Blogging is all about writing compelling and informative contents and promote crazily.

Your Blog will not give you lots of bucks from ads and promotion, it will also create enormous opportunities for you. When people will read your blog, they can hire you as a content writer for their business.

Friends in my circle are growing very fast as a freelance content writer. Many of them have been hired by Top Companies.

Along with its downfall, freelancer job is often touted as a dream job.

Grab some experience of writing as well as marketing. You will see many passive income opportunities for you. Writing an eBook over demanding topic will generate passive income for you.

If you are a freelance writer cum blogger. I have an amazing idea for you to make money at home.

If you ask me, being a freelance writer is the best part-time job idea for any students. The very best thing about this part-time job is – you can work from home and it helps you to be own boss.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to the freelance content writer.  

Q.1. Does it cost anything to be a freelance content writer?

Ans. Nope. It doesn’t cost anything.

Q.2.  Can I Work Remotely?

Ans. Yes. In fact, Freelance means working remotely. It gives freedom to work when & where are you.

Q.3. How much will I be paid?

Ans.  Rates depend upon a variety of factors. The type of your contents, authority & Expertise level. In starting, You can charge 5-10$ per article. But gradually when you will be more expert in the field, you can charge up to 100$ for a single article.

  1. How do I Get Started?

Ans. Start with writing own Blog. Post some compelling articles on your blog. Add important pages like About, Contact, and HIRE ME.  People will contact you using the link provided.


Make your profile over different-different Freelancer sites like Upwork, Fiverr.

Join Facebook Groups & Advertise your skills own self.

Write some guest Blog posts on others blog to create more opportunities.

Start small. Keep yourself updated. Learn more and more writing skills. Get Paid.

2.Online Tutor

What is online tutoring?

  A process of teaching in a virtual environment in which Teachers and students are separated is called online tutoring.

Being an online tutor can be rewarding if you are searching the best part-time job ideas for students.

There is an unending scope of growth in this job. It’s growing rapidly and has a promising future.

If you are a student and want to be an online tutor, you require a good score to make a career in this profession.

The average online tutor earns 10$ to 100$ /hour.

All you have to do is – 1. Register over an online tutor job site. 2. Make a profile 3. Start teaching 4. Make bucks.

As an online tutor, foreign students are being targeted. Because they pay a good amount of money as well as they paid on time also.

As an online tutor, you can sell your courses also. You can make a course on your expertise subject and put it on some sites like Udemy.

You can work on contract basis and get paid per course.

3. Social Media Assistant

In this article, we’re talking about best part-time job ideas for students. Social media assistant is one of them.

You can work from home or virtually from anywhere. Social media assistants are being hired by many startups and agencies.

From everything I see, it has an immense scope & opportunities all around.

Social media marketing is hot nowadays. It simply means using social media such as blogs, YouTube, community sites etc. to market a product or business.

Large companies are spending millions on the advertisement. They hire big marketing agencies. But small companies hire cost efficient agencies or freelancers.

Social media is extremely successful. Social media marketing is very important to a business.

  1. Why do companies hire a freelancer as social media assistant??

Ans. – Because It is the most cost-effective and investment is very low as compared to other available options.

Social media assistant is also one of the best part-time job ideas for the student. You have a good job opportunity. It allows working remotely from anywhere. Many big players in the marketing field believe that social media marketing is a potent method to make the business profitable. They provide so many benefits to the firm.

As a virtual assistant for social media, try to grab some on hand experience about some social media management tool. You must have to keep the communication alive between you & your customers. You will be paid a good amount of money for this virtual assistant job.

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