How To Start E-Commerce Website Development Services in India


How To Start E-Commerce Website Development Services in India

India is one of the biggest IT industries. Starting an E-Commerce website development services is an awesome idea especially if you are a full-time student.

Yes, I am writing all my articles here to help college students to make money at home while gaining some practical knowledge too.

If you are from computer science background nothing can be better than this to strengthen your resume. Students from other backgrounds can also improve their skills.

The popularity of e-commerce or online shopping are at its peak. People tend to buy things online is what made the E-Commerce business more and more fruitful and that’s why it has made E-Commerce website development services more valuable.

For the success of any E-Commerce business, the most important part is its highly-functional, user-friendly and attractive website.  The E-Commerce Business Owner would like to look for the service of Top e-commerce web development companies. And here is the gap to develop an E-Commerce website.

You may think, there are already lots of companies in the market how will I survive in this giant fair?    Unfortunately, 90% of E-Commerce website development companies in India are of no use. A little strong mindset can make you raise your company in small days.

Starting an e-commerce website development company is not a big deal. It is just a one-man band. Make sure the one who will develop e-commerce website, apps or whatever.    He should deliver a great result from starting.

I offer you the following 5 steps as a process to develop your E-Commerce website development business. The company which you can start from your Hostel Room or at Home.

Do I need money to start????

If you think to start e-commerce website development services, you need a big company lots of employee and lots of money for investment.

Then you are totally wrong. When my friend started the same company, he was doing his graduation and he started it alone. Later, when he started getting more clients he hired two more friends.

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I will recommend you to start together with your best friend because there are lots of eCommerce web development services in the market. you need one person for advertisement of your company and another for developing appealing e-commerce websites. Start with only 2 people and expand your team is needed for that.

How much can I earn from my own eCommerce web development services..???????

At the start, You’re earning maybe less or even zero sometimes. Honestly, you will think to give up at that time. But don’t give up because you didn’t and a single penny in first 5-6 months.

Until you start making dollars, you should strengthen your portfolio and make more and more demo projects. Upload all the projects on your official website.

eCommerce website development services are Unstoppable. You don’t need to worry about your job and company. Both will remain lifelong. Keep your company prepared for every window of opportunity and took it.

If you are in college, this is more beneficial for you. You can easily survive 5-6 earlier months when your startup is growing and not making any money.
I promise you that. It’s just like riding a bike. After a little wobbling, it’s a piece of cake.
All your hard work will pay off one day for sure.


Nowadays to register a domain is much easier than ordering your clothes on Myntra. You can get both domains and host for a year in only $1 per month. In India $1 = 65 Rupees you spend 65 Rupees in a single egg roll.

After registration, you are good to go ahead. Now make an appealing website for your company. Do a lot of hard work. Apply all the Technologies to make your site looking superb.

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There are lots of domain and hosting service provider like Godaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap Hostgator etc.

2.Register your company.

The next step after you have owned your website and domain is to registered your own company. I can’t tell you the happiness we got when we were registering our company.
Register Your company under sole proprietorship.

3. Open a current bank account for your E-commerce website development services.

When you tell people to paycheque on your company’s name it makes a positive impact on your client because freelancers are not considered trustworthy as compared to any company.

4. Find Your Clients.

The market is flooded with Such companies. I recommend you to go local, meet the people, reach to them and let them know that you own an E-commerce website development Services that offers Web Services to the clients.

Finding loyal clients may be difficult at the starting but if you find them take well care of them.

Don’t invest much money in advertising in starting I’ve many ideas to start advertising for your company for free.

1.  Make a Facebook Page using your company name.

2. Make a YouTube channel. It takes $0 to make a channel and start uploading videos related to your company.  YouTube, where people are active worldwide. you can even get International orders too. We had got 3 clients from Nepal in our first 6th month. We also got a client from the UK. They paid 10 times better than our Indian clients.

3. Make a blog. A blog is a place where you write contents and information related to your e-commerce web development services. Every day thousands of people will come to read your post. You have to convert that traffic into your sales.


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Lots of Companies provide same services like you. You must have to deliver great results. your company must have something that makes it stand out from the crowd.                    If you are really want to start your own company be serious starting a company is not a joke with web development company requires patience, tenacity, and confidence in your work.

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Go through the entire process buy your domain and hosting, Register your company, Open a current bank account on your company name, Make an appealing portfolio, and the most important work honestly. Today in the top competitive market your honesty and quality of your work, Your uniqueness etc are the things that will keep you Stand out from this Giant Fair.

Do a lot of advertisement for your company and the most important always try to search your clients in the local market, show them your work, convince them about your work and if needed give them some discounts. Because in the starting you have to establish your company. Nothing can be better than this idea for a college student

So, this was all about the process to start your own E-commerce website development services/company what you can start from today. You don’t need to hire a lot of employees, to rent a big apartment for your office, and to advertise on Television.  Just start.Go ahead. Don’t stop. Keep moving. One day you will rock.


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