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How To Start Online Business In India

In this article, You are going to learn how to start online business.

What is an online business?

Any kind of business activities that happens over the internet is called Online business. It includes buying and selling of goods, products, and services.  Anyone can start their online business if they have a unique product or idea.

Online business can appear in the form of –websites, Blogs, Online Shopping Site or eCommerce site and social media business pages.

Benefits to start  online business is that you can manage your entire business from a single PC or from your phone. No need to rent offices and Hire huge no. of Employees.  Best thing is that your business will be accessible 24 x 7 from all over the world.  Through online business, you can get international customers also.


Here is 3 steps formula to start a successful online business.


What do you want to do?  What type of services or products are you going to provide? The first step to start online business is to Find the idea for your online business. Your idea must be different from others if you want a grand success in online business.

After you got the idea, the second step is to make an online presence. Online Presence helps your customers to find you easily over the internet. It will also help to boost your online sale.

Couldn’t find any unique IDEA?

There are still billions of online business ideas. Maybe you like to Sell Groceries online or maybe you want to develop Mobile apps for your customers.

Choose one of those ideas to start the online business and get ready to be own boss.


Online Presence means your business can be found via an online search. It’s very essential to make a business online presence. You are going to start your own online business, so You need a Place where your potential customers will come to meet.

For example- If you have an e-commerce business where you sell groceries. That means an e-commerce site is needed so that your customers will buy from there.

There are many platforms where you can make your online presence. Most popular platforms are-


  1. Website/blog

Website/ Blog are the best way to make a presentation to start online business.  Blogs can be made in free of cost from some best blogging platforms. Such as- WordPress, Wix, Tumbler, Blogger, Joomla etc.

  1. Social Media

Social media platform is a great way to promote the name of your brand and business. It provides great marketing opportunities for all size of business.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google +, or Pinterest etc. are the best social media platform. You can start online business using social media also.  Make a business page on Facebook or Twitter and just share the affiliate links to the products.

  1. Other’s website

have any product to sell?  You can be Amazon, Flipkart, eBay seller and sell your products easily to your potential customers.

It’s also a good way to make your online presence. Make some useful videos related to your product and service and it will help to reach you out to your customers.


Now that you’ve done with both unique business ideas and online presence.  This one is the last step to start online business successful.

Marketing is the one where the success of your business lies.  Through marketing, you can introduce and promote your products and services to your potential customers.

In this step, you will market your business to reach to targeted customers.  Promotion of your products and services are very crucial.

Marketing can be done in both free or paid way.

In Free marketing, You will have to learn internet marketing yourself.  You can write a compelling blog post related to your products and services that drive millions of targeted customers to your business page or website.  You can make a YouTube channel for your business and upload some attractive and informative videos over there.

For Paid,  You can hire a marketing agency. There are many best marketing agencies in India.



To start your own online business is not an easy task. But if you are a hard worker and always willing to learn things, It’s not hard for you to run a successful business. All you need to follow the steps. There is a much online business you can start without investing any money. Best thing is that you can run your online business from home and anywhere.  All these steps are to guide to achieve best. If you worked hard and constantly, You can get a grand success.


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