Rapid Growth Formula to 10x Your Business -[Kaizen Principle]

kaizen principle

How to Grow Your Business 10x Time Faster [Rapid Growth Formula]-[KAIZEN Principle]

Kaizen principle means continuous improvement. The kaizen word was first introduced by Masaaki Imai in his book Kaizen: The key to Japanese Competitive success.  Actually, Kaizen is a workplace strategy for never-ending efforts for improvement.

Kaizen teaches to concentrate on improving the process rather than achieving certain results.

I’ve written all the points in a very precise manner. Read till last if you also wanna see some great changes in your life as well as your business. kaizen principle is very useful.

1. Never stop

As you get older you grow and mature and that should never stop. As soon as stop growing you ’re living. More than a decade of structured education gives you a blueprint to build a pretty good life.  You learn so many valuable things along the way.

2. Eliminate Old Practices.

This is the second principle of KAIZEN that says that we should eliminate our old habits. Even If they seem to be beneficial to you that time. I personally believe in this principle because When you  Eliminate your old practices it will surely lead you to a change in life. At sometimes You may feel like preventing those Practices but better will be if you leave it as soon as possible because later it will gradually become too heavy to be broken.

Focus on the practices that can make changes in the real world. Learn to Eliminate Old Practices.

3. Be Proactive.

According to KAIZEN principle, You must be Proactive. PROACTIVE means To control situations by causing things to happen rather than waiting to respond after things happen.  There are two types of people.

  1. Reactive – The people who take decisions to make in the moment.
  2. Proactive – The people who predict and have developed foresight and take actions before things happen.

Proactive peoples are already well prepared for the possibilities before they arrive. There is a Chinese proverb for proactive people – “”  Dig the Well Before You are Thirsty.“”

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In other words – KAIZEN principles teach us to create opportunities for oneself rather than waiting for opportunities.

4. Don’t Assume new methods will work.

According to KAIZEN, Not all the technique will work for everyone the same way.  Acknowledge what you have learnt and use what is useful for you.

Improvement will always be made from your consistent actions. Go and Grind. KAIZEN principles are really useful if you want to improve you and your business every day.

Make your own method that works and continuously strive for improvement. Getting a little bit better every single day will bring a massive change one day.

5. Make Corrections.

In our life, there are many areas where improvement is needed. These relevant corrections will help you progress.  To make corrections in indivisual areas of your life, You must do self –reflection.

If you start making corrections from today onwards, It will make you the most professional, Most capable, most cutting-edge intelligent person or organisation in this world.

Instead of thinking I’m good at something. Think what am I missing?

When you find something is too hard to do, inspire you as it will take some time and effort. Never get satisfied. Always think is it my best work?

The way how we correct our mistakes defines us.  Find out where you go wrong and  make corrections.

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6. Empower All Employees To Speak.

This is the best thing I would recommend to every entrepreneur to have.  To Empower your Employees is the most important thing an employer can do to encourage employees to speak up is to make them feel empowered.

When you empower your employees they get more engaged and like to say whats in their mind. Never Ever and Ever make your employees Silent. Silence is never good in the workplace. If your Employees are silent then its not a good sign for your company.  Don’t make your employees fearful pf speaking their minds about your company’s operations and policies.

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To Tackle these types of issues, Empower employees, Dispel fears, Boost Teamwork, Drive Company Culture, Encourage constructive Feedback and so on.  As a team leader, Always encourage your employees to have the courage to speak up about their issues.

Always have a one-by-one conversation with your team members or casually that  they have more ways of expressing theiur point of view.



Crowdsourcing means To Learn From other people and get some new ideas on things you can add to your routine to create continuous improvement.  Today many Startups and Companies are doing Crowdsourcing For innovation as well as their companies growth model, marketing ideas and almost everything.  Companies engage their customers and judge the potential size of the market for each product set.

Companies like –

  1. Harley Davidson Doing crowdsourcing to create a market overview out of the ideas of thousands of participants.
  2. Nokia Labs – Invite customers to test pre-commersialized apps by crowdsourcing customer feedback and testing to a user community and also get ideas for further
  3. Starbucks – Their website enables the companies audience to vote on ideas, give mutual feedbacks, discuss and collaborate.


QUORA is also a very good example of Crowdsourcing.

8. Practice the “Five-Why Method- Kaizen Principle”

When you are new to managing at work, you’ll be facing many new tasks you never had to think about before and one of them is Solving Business problems. When you’ll be at your work, You will have to solve your problems as well as others.

“Five-why Method” is an alternative method to solve problems and it involves a conversation with the person who has come to you with the problem.  It helps to find the root cause of the problem.

9. Be Economical.

Being Economical means to consider things that you can save money on each week and stop buying them. You must learn to make choices as well as the importance of priorities also.

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We should always save & control our money or money will control us forever. Sometimes Saving money is considered to be a miser in our society. But Wasting money over the things you don’t need is never a good deal. Money can provide Exciting Lifestyle, Glorious things, sometimes a little happiness also.

Its good to have money but always make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.

10. Don’t Stop.

kaizen principle teaches that Set your Goals high and don’t stop till you get there.

Never consider yourself to be finished. Improvement has no limits and can be continued on an infinite level. In your ways, many obstacles will come, many problems will come to stop you.  But don’t stop until you ’re done.

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You need creative ideas to improve your business.

The practice of kaizen principle by the participation of you and your staff, helps to improve your business on a continuous basis. It will lead to enhanced productivity and higher efficiency.  Simply kaizen principle is all about looking for results through continuous improvement.  You must apply this great principle in your days to day life as well as in business.

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