7 Lucrative Ways to Make Money at Home [For Students]


7 Lucrative Ways For Students to Make Money at Home.

In this article you will find 7 lucrative ways for students who wants to make money at home with a very low or NO investment.

Most of the Students need options that can help them to buy books and notes while keeping up their studies. All the ways and methods below our real, legal, and honest. Each student should start their own startup in different fields.

Being your own Entrepreneur is extremely rewarding for College students and recent Graduates. These are only 7. Still, they are dozens of Ideas out there just waiting to be taken. But all the ideas below are easy to implement and grow. These are the best ideas to  Make Money at Home. Go ahead. Use Your skills to make extra cash in your spare time.


1.Affiliate marketing

It is the most lucrative Idea and the best way to Make Money at Home.
Its a type of marketing where a person promotes the products of any organization through blogs, websites or social media. The organization gives you some commission on each sale. If you have a blog you can promote their product links and get a Commission for each sale.

You can promote affiliate links through social media profile too. Affiliate marketing is a very easy job. You have to copy a link from the organization’s website and paste the link into your blog or website.

There is no need for any particular course. Amazon, Flipkart, eBay that are the companies which is very popular for its affiliate marketing programs. Most of the peoples are earning millions from affiliate marketing without any investment. You can also Make Money at Home. All you have to do is to attract the visitors to the product. The more the sale the more you earn. You can use both Affiliate and AdSense ads together on your blog.

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Blogging means writing about any particular niche like tech, fashion, food, health, startup, Business etc. Entrepreschool.com is also a blog. You can write blogs in your favorite niche. Niche means the main topic of your blog such as fashion, food, health etc. Blogging is also the best way to start making money with a very low investment of 2-3k. There are many ways through which a blog make money like

  • The direct advert,
  • Affiliate marketing,
  • Paid reviews,
  • Infolinks etc..

Today Everyone wants to Make Money at Home. There are lots of ways to make extra money online. Blogging is my all time favorite. All you have to do is to post daily quality contents, increase the traffic, and get paid. AdSense is the best way to make money through blogging. The more traffic you’ve, the more money will Earn.

3. Video editing services

Today everywhere video editor some most demanded if you are creative and always willing to do something new this is the best idea to start your business you can earn more than your expectation in Bollywood if you are a skilled video editor than many short-term courses are available online and offline video editing has a great future really.

4. Coaching classes

Coaching classes have become an integral part of our education system in India. day by day number of coaching class is growing rapidly. 95% of high school students take up coaching classes for most of the subjects. so, no need to say coaching class will always have a lucrative scope in future. coaching class business is very common and there are many types of coaching classes like School levels, college labels, professional classes, hobby classes etc.

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You can hire college students to teach in your coaching classes this will help both of you. you will get a teacher in low amount and this will get an opportunity to earn some extra money.

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Today YouTube videos have become a trend. We all love to watch Youtube videos of our favorite YouTuber. YouTube is also a good way to make money online for college students. All you have to do is, make a YouTube channel, upload videos consistently, enable your channel for monetization and start earning money. In India, I know many YouTubers who earn lots of money from home. Your earning will totally depend on your viewers and their location. In India, youtube pay $0.8 per 1000 views with banner ads and $5 to $8 per 1000 view with the roll out ads. PewDieDie, Roman Atwood, Lilly Singh are the highest paid youtubers.

6.Online tutor

This is also the best option for talented students to Make Money at Home. You can earn up to 1k/ hour. There are many E-learning websites where you can teach foreign students and make money You must have a good internet connection and a Skype ID.

You have to register on e-learning website and you’ll have to specify that how much will you take for an hour.

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7. Mobile repairing business

Mobile repairing business is the most demanding in today’s world. If you are skilled and have good talent you can easily earn up to 60k to 70k rupees every month. The best thing is that you don’t have to be graduate or have any degree in this business. You can start it by self after a short-term course from any institutions.

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Not only money you will be known as a “mobile repair engineer”. Number of Smartphones are more than people now. Each person has one or two smartphones. But, Mobile Repairing Centres are rarely available everywhere. it’s a very good chance for you to start your own business and be the boss. I will suggest maintaining a good nature and focus and customers rather than money if you want to to go long.

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These are the ways to make money at home. you will have to invest very little. Youtube, Blogging, Coaching Classes, Mobile Repairing Centre are the fruitful business Ideas for a student. These various methods will make easier than ever to make passive income.

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Author: Nilesh Dixit

I’m Nilesh. A Solopreneur, Appreneur and a Web Developer. The Passion of Being own Boss and Avoid Rat Race of getting Jobs has led to Start this Startup Blog. I’m Also passionate about Writing Blogs and Sharing My thoughts. Hope You Love Entrepreschool.



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