5 Online Passive Income Ideas that Make Money While You Sleep

online passive income ideas

5 Online Passive Income Ideas that Make Money While You Sleep

As a student How do you want to make money?  I’ve outlined 5 online passive income ideas for student here.

I mean, What is Your money making mindset.  Everyone wants to do Job. You will also be applying for many Govt. and Private organization. That simply means you want to make money while working.

But its very Common to earn while Working. Everybody Can do it and doing it. 95% of the whole world is following same approach.

Only 5% have different money making mindset. They want to earn without working.

Earn without working?  How is it Possible?

Its not Possible. Its PASSIVE dude.  Yep. Its Called Passive income.

Passive Income doesn’t need your involvement. For e.g – Income From Your rented Property. Income from Copyrighted sales.,  Income from Interest of your Bank account Deposit and Income from your business which is managed by  others.

In Fact, If You want you to make huge money, You will have to Find Out a Passive Income Ideas.

Today, through this article I would like to share a message to all the students in colleges, Universities or Educated Unemployed. Guys , wherever You are, Whatever you are doing. If you are reading this article- Once You should think about Passive Income surely.

If You will think and brainstorm , you will be able to find that Idea.

1. Develop Android Apps : (Best Online Passive Income Ideas)

Today Android is the most Popular platform for developing Android Apps.  Developing a Single android app can generate a good passive income through ads.  From a good App, You can easily make 30-50$ / day in starting. Gradually When No. Of Downloads will increase, You Earning will also Increase.

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If you know how to write codes for an android app then you can easily create a good Android app within a month. Submit that app on Google Play Store. Start earning From The next day.

Similarly, If you Succeed to Build 10-20 Apps Of your Own, Then You don’t have to worry about your Pocket and Traveling Expenses.  With 10- 20 Apps  You Can Easily Generate 200$/ day. That means 12k Indian Rupees Every day.

12k x 30 = 360,000 (Approx. 4 lakh)

If you don’t know Coding, Then don’t worry. Save around 15-20k in Your Pocket and search a developer that will convert your Ideas into Android app. Submit that App to Google Play Store and Start earning.

2. Make a Blog

The blog is not totally a passive Income Ideas but After some months of hard work, It will start Paying You More and More money.

Starting a Blog is easy. But to make your blog grow, you will have to constantly add more and more useful contents.

There are many ways to generate passive income through your blog.  Write a rocking blog post and include an affiliate link of the product you like and want to recommend it for your readers.

If you’re an expert writer, put some effort into making an eBook of 70-80 pages. Put it for sale over here on your blog.

You can also create an eCourse for your readers. And when they will buy your course you will generate passive income.


YouTube provides one of the greatest ways to generate passive income.  You can even earn bucks without any investment. Making a YouTube channel is totally free of cost. Uploading Videos are also Free.

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There are many Top Options through which you can generate passive Income.

  1. Ads/ Monetization
  2. Paid subscription Channel
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Apps and Reward programs.

You can promote other products also. People will contact you to make a review Video for their product.

So, It’s a great way to generate passive income. There is ZERO INVESTMENT also.

4. Ebook

Many people don’t believe that they can generate a massive online passive income from Ebooks.  So, Very first thing you must learn to Believe you can do it.  after you decided to write ebook, Now time to choose a right and  in-demand  topic for writing. Its one of the trending Online Passive Income Ideas.

You can earn millions of dollars from Ebook writing. You need to create a topic that readers absolutely want.

If you got it wrong then there is nothing which can be fixed later.

So, If you want to quit your 9-5 job. You can easily do it after your ebook got famous.

The more Ebook you sale , The more financially free you will be.




5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another person’s (or company’s) product.

It is the oldest and most fruitful Online Passive Income Ideas. You can promote their product using your blogs, websites, YouTube or social; media.

Always promote the product which is related to your blog niche. You can also promote products based on your reader’s locations.

There are many companies that have affiliate programs. Like- Amazon, Flipkart, Godaddy BlueHost. Etc.

Don’t paste the product link only. It will never let you take any commission. People like to buy the things after lots of research. You can write reviews of the product and place link after that.

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You can also write contents related to the product and post it with the product link. It will be more effective.



So, These are the best online passive income ideas you can go through. Put you efforts once, Collect the returns forever. Developing Android apps, eBooks, Blogs, YouTube and Affiliate Marketing are the Best Ways to make money while You sleep.


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Author: Nilesh Dixit

I’m Nilesh. A Solopreneur, Appreneur and a Web Developer. The Passion of Being own Boss and Avoid Rat Race of getting Jobs has led to Start this Startup Blog. I’m Also passionate about Writing Blogs and Sharing My thoughts. Hope You Love Entrepreschool.


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