An Introduction to Rural/Village Entrepreneurship in India


Introduction to Rural/Village Entrepreneurship in  India

Do you know about rural entrepreneurship???  Rural means villages.

Do you live in Villages and want to do something for your village?

Stay tuned !!!!!!!I have got something for you all.

Did you know?

70% of India’s population live in Villages. 75% out of them are earning from agriculture. I also come from Rural Areas. I live in the village. I know how to swim because the Holy River Ganga is just 5 feet off from my main door. You won’t believe that I know how to catch fishes too.( kidding)

I had slept under the mango trees in waiting of ripen mango to fall down on the ground. I have eaten watermelon, cucumber etc. after plucking myself.

All I wanted to say that the life of the village is the greatest gift I have got. Despite all those happy moments, there is one thing that is the biggest trouble since years…

If you are from the rural areas, you can relate me what I am trying to say.      “Unemployment”.

Yes, Unemployment is the biggest problem in rural areas. Most of the people are reliant upon agriculture.

From our childhood, we have known that “India is country of villages”.  Our respected, “Father of Nation” M.K Gandhi (Bapu) once said –

"The Soul of India lies into Villages"

According to 2011 Census of India, 68.84% of Indians live in 640,867 different villages.No need to say that the people in rural areas are very diligent and honest by nature.

Why are villages important?

Well, because of all the crops, fruits that are produced here. Without villages, India can face too many problems in food health and population etc.

What is rural entrepreneurship?

To established business and entrepreneurial activities in the rural sector is called rural entrepreneurship. The rural entrepreneurship is emerging. The government of India is also supporting and promoting the growth of rural entrepreneurship. Today, rural entrepreneurship are solving the problems of poverty unemployment and backwardness of India.

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In a simple word, If someone starts his business activities establishing industries in villages its called rural entrepreneurship.

Some examples of  Rural entrepreneurs who were listed in Forbes too:-

1.Mansukhbhai jagani.


He developed a motorcycle based tractor for India’s poor farmers. Its cost around $318 and it’s very efficient and cost-effective.

2.Mansukhbhai Prajapati

He is the inventor of a clay nonstick Pan that cost 100 rupees and a refrigerator made of clay which runs without electricity.
He wanted to make an affordable refrigerator for those who cannot afford its maintenance and electricity cost. It’s called “Mitticool”.

Now let me ask you a question- don’t you want to be a village or rural entrepreneur??

Why not you? You can also be a village or rural entrepreneurs. The government of India is providing millions of skill development courses for free to self-employed or youth entrepreneur.

If you stay in the village, observe the problems your villages are facing and find out the solution.
Entrepreneurship is all about solving the problems. An employee can do only their job but an entrepreneur is made to give jobs to many. It solves the problems of poverty and unemployment in rural areas. Rural entrepreneurship is the growth factor of India.
Some example of the rural industry – Sugar industry, Jaggery, Agricultural Equipment, Tractors, Pickles, Weaving, Coloring.


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What are the problems with rural entrepreneurs?

The Biggest problem is that rural entrepreneurs are illiterate, they don’t have knowledge of internet, Lake of internet connection, lack of proper transportation, and lots of things. Many rural entrepreneurs make high quality and in demand products but they can’t send or sell their products beyond the neighborhood.

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Problems with rural entrepreneurs-

1. Lack of confidence and knowledge skills
2. Lack of knowledge of marketing and distribution.
3. Lake of tools and training.
4. Lake of market research.
5. The absence of expertise.
6. A lack of security in the regions affected by the disaster.

How to develop Rural Entrepreneurship?

The development of rural entrepreneurship creates jobs, income opportunities for the benefits of educated unemployed rural youth.


Finance means a source of money for your business. Startups need finance to buy new equipment, advertise, pay for staff wages and suppliers. that’s why finance is considered as the root for setting up and running a Startup the rural entrepreneur needs funds available at the time of day.

So rural entrepreneurship need funds available at the time of grow.

2. Marketing

The success of business lines into its marketing. Rural Entrepreneurs should learn marketing skills. Marketing skills mean advertising of the products on the internet, Public Relations, Promotions and most important Sales. Your potential customers should know your Products. isn’t?
You cannot sell your product to everyone in the world. You will have to define the potential customer for your niche industry.

Rural entrepreneurship should care these points in order to grow fastest.

1. Create a site marketing strategy
2 find out who are your potential customers
3. Market research through effective tactics
4. Gather and analyze information about your customers, your industry and the most important your competitors.

I have lots of things to suggest you grow your rural industry. But do you know the biggest problem with most of the rural entrepreneurs ??

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Most of them have become the entrepreneur by chance, not by choice. Even many of them don’t know that they are entrepreneurs. The lack of confidence is what made them backward. They should have a strong will power to create jobs.

The Advantage of Rural Entrepreneurship.

Rural entrepreneurship has an important role to play in the development of Indian economy. As I said earlier 70% of the Indian population lives in rural areas. Unfortunately, Rural India is the economic younger and unemployed.

Every entrepreneur wants to establish their industry in urban areas. That’s  the problem. if you took a look at our rural entrepreneurship, you will glad to see the opportunities and advantage in villages. Let me tell you the advantages.

1.Rural industry can support and motive young in rural areas. They are already hardworking and caring.

2. Rural entrepreneurship is a growth engine for rural development.

3. No establishment cost.

4. Availability of labors

5.Government support

6.Raw materials

7.cost of production

8.Employment generation for rural youth…

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In conclusion, I would say that Rural entrepreneurship is growing and touching the peak in India. In starting you may have to face some difficulty but later you are going to be a successful village entrepreneur.



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