How To Start Smartphone Repairing Business in India


Smartphone Repairing business is a very fruitful business. After a very short-term course of 3-4 months, you can start your own business.

Unemployment in India is not hidden. Every Year Millions of Students graduate from different-different Colleges. And after completing Graduation, They become “Educated Unemployed”.

And what is the reason behind this huge unemployment?    In my View, the Reason is Lack of skills in their respective Areas.

Students spend 4 years to complete their B.Tech in Computer Science. But, when they pass out they don’t know to make a good program. Isn’t it Lack of Skills?

During B.Tech/ BCA/ MCA/ or other Technical Courses, Students Buy Projects From market at a fixed price. For a Mid-Term Project They Spend 2-3k, Buy Projects and submit it to their teachers.

During My BCA, Only two students from our 2014-17 batch were able to complete their project on their own. First was me and second was my Friend – Himanshu Chaurasiya (Good in Java).

All the Rest students submitted the Bought Projects.  This is the Reason behind this huge Unemployment.

Everyone is running in Rat Race to get Degrees and Job here. But, No one is willing to create something own. No one wants to create job opportunities.

This Blog is to help those people who don’t to get into these Rat race where people are blindly running for getting hired and work for someone’s others dream.

Dude, Try to start your own. It will be little harder at first. You may get rejections, Criticism, Comments. But one they will come to you for asking Jobs.

Sorry for taking much time. Let me show you the contents of which you have clicked over here.

Starting a smartphone repairing Business doesn’t require a professional degree and Lots of Investment.

Here is the step by step Formula to start Smartphone repairing Business.


There are many private institutions which provide short-term course for smartphone repairing. The very first thing you’ve to do is to acquire a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of Mobile phones. So, join the course as soon as possible and Grab Practical knowledge.

There are many Online Courses available for same. But I recommend you to join an Offline Courses.  Be focused while learning things. Learn the basics and deeply.  The more you will learn during training, the more you will earn after training. Don’t miss any class, any topic. During Training, You can Work 2-3 hrs. at any shop. Don’t ask any money from them. Say that you will work for Free. And who will reject the employee who is ready to work for free?

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  1. Gain Experience

Before you start your own smartphone repairing Business, You must acquire some good practical experience about how mobile repairing is done.

For this, as I already said- Start working at other’s shop that repair smartphones. It will give you a chance to grab practical experience. You will still get some money but focus on getting as much as the practical experience you can.

It’ll not only help you to polish your skills, but it can save your own new business from failure and loss of credibility.

While working there you’ll meet different-different people who provide Spare Parts & you will get a good knowledge of their prices also.

  1. Cost

Starting a smartphone Business doesn’t require a big Capital. You can start with a few basic spare parts and increase them gradually.

At first, only arrange all the necessary things to repair Hardware and software faults.

Buy a Mobile Repairing kit. Don’t think much before this small investment.

Dude, If you struggled some months. You’ll grow up like a Don. At that time you will get all your Capital back and Business will be your Own.

Don’t provide many Services at First. Start Small. And Improve Constantly.


Tie up with Mobile shops. If any Customers have to repair their smartphone, Shop Owner will Recommend You. Give them Some Commissions also. Tie Up with all the Shops in the Market.   Give them 10% of total charged money. And According to our math – We’ve to Earn 50 thousand every month from starting.

Dude, you don’t need many customers to earn this amount at the last of the month.  You just need only 10 customers that will give 200 each.

200 x 10 = Rs. 2000/day

2000 x 30 = 60,000/day.

Suppose there are 20 Mobile Shops in the Market. If they send Only 10 customers daily. You can easily achieve your Goal of 50k every Month. Only You Have to Have Confidence on Yourself. Implement and execute the plans well and hold on more than 50k from next month. No. of smartphones is growing very smoothly. That means No. Of Damaged Phones will also Increase rapidly.

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Location is one of the most important aspects of a smartphone repair business. If you got a good location with a high foot-traffic, it’ll give you fruitful results.

The location should be in a marketable zone. It will help you to grab Passersby attention also.

Despite all, if your work is precise & responsible and you are working honestly then the Whole world is yours.

People don’t trust easily over a smartphone repairing shop. They think you’ll Change their original spare parts of their phones. But never do such bastard types job.

If you will be honest, your face, as well as your business, will keep shining.

So, Including Location Also try to give the best & honest service.

Don’t charge much money for the intense of earning more. Instead, Charge a reasonable price & Win Customer’s trust.

It will help you to acquire and ever-growing customer’s base.

  1. License

There are some legal steps to run your smartphone repairing business. Acquire all the license and permits by the city or state level authorities.

While working at other’s shop, Ask the how they got permits and license for running their business.

Obtain all those necessary documents to run you smartphone repairing business smoothly.

  1. HIRE

In the starting, Work alone. Try to do all the works yourself. It will help you to learn new-new things and handle customers.  During this periods you will see less foot traffic to your shop. So, keep learning your technical & soft skills. Never think that you know everything. Learn from customers. Learn to talk and handle customers.  Always be open-minded to observe things constantly & keep learning.

But after Few Months, when Foot- Traffic will start growing then you need someone to help you handle your shop. Don’t hesitate to hire an expertise technician. It’ll cut some of your benefits as staff salary. But it will boost your business productivity.

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After some periods, your can also start some other services also like -Mobile / Dish Recharge, Online Form Filling, Printing, Xerox etc. type of works.


Unemployment is growing rapidly in India. Students Complete their Graduation In 3-4 Years and still, they have lack of skills. They are not ready for the job market.

But, for Being Own Boss, You don’t have to read. You have to learn things, acquire skills, and explore.

Don’t fear failure. Face it strongly when needed. If you learned and executed well, very soon you’re going to be an ICON for youths.

At first, you might have to put in extra efforts to make your business steady.

Don’t run from Work. You are on the way to be own boss. And you know very well – Entrepreneurs are ready to work 90hrs/ week for their own than working 60hrs/ week for someone others.

Hey, are you lazy like me?

Get Ready Dude. You’ll be shocked to see yourself as a burning ball. Laziness will never come after you started walking over the path of being own boss.  You will notice a tremendous change within yourself.


Wishing you are the best for your own smartphone repairing business. I am also going to be my own boss. One day I want to look back and say myself –   “I Nailed It”


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Author: Nilesh Dixit

I’m Nilesh. A Solopreneur, Appreneur and a Web Developer. The Passion of Being own Boss and Avoid Rat Race of getting Jobs has led to Start this Startup Blog. I’m Also passionate about Writing Blogs and Sharing My thoughts. Hope You Love Entrepreschool.


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