How To Start Photography Business -[ A Detailed Guide]

photography business

How To Start Photography Business

The photography business is the very fruitful business. It can start with a low investment. For Many people, Photography is a hobby. You can turn your Hobbies / Passion into a photography business. Starting a photography business have many advantages.

  1. It can be started from a low investment.
  2. It’s a very creative & enjoyable business.
  3. You can earn lots of money.
  4. Opportunities to visit different-different places.

Do you like to get paid to do something you enjoy then photography business is best for you?

The photography business has an ocean of opportunities. Its growth is measured in 25-30% each year.  Such decent growth is making this business more and more lucrative among Youths.

In earlier days, Photography was not considered as a career. But now there are lots of entrepreneurs has emerged. Sandeep Maheshwari (The Best Motivational Speaker) is the living witness of this amazing business. He is the founder of ImagesBazaar. I have been watching his each and every video on YouTube. He is considered as one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs of India.

In this article, You will learn step by step Formulae to start a low investment – High-profit photography business.

Photography business can be started around a job, and build into a part-time or full-time business.  You can start it with your study in your leisure time and grow gradually.

It can be little expensive for you as a student if you don’t already own your equipment.

I recommend you to start it as a part-time business. Initially, you can’t be depended upon photography business.  It takes time to build up a steady stream of income.

As I have already mentioned, Photography business has an ocean of opportunities. Initially, the photographer used to wait for customers in their studio but time has changed now.

This business is being more fruitful day by day.  Almost every industry needs a perfect photographer.

Some Major areas where photography business have lots of opportunities are:-

  1. School/ College/ University functions.
  2. Birthday/anniversary.
  3. E-commerce websites.
  4. News
  5. Fashion Industry.

Starting a photography business is a very easy process. It must be taken seriously as a business.

In Rural areas, I’ve seen many peoples who buy camera, equipment, and rent a shop. It’s all about starting a business for them. But, Without a Business plan, Market Plan, Business Strategy, Your business will never grow.

If you’re Passionate about photography, Interested in clicking beautiful images of Nature, Birds or other things. Turn your interest, talent, and passion for Photography business.  Your passion will make you increasingly extraordinary.

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What are the types of Photography Business?

  • Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most creative types of photography. It involves taking photographs of wedding ceremonies.

As a wedding photographer, you must have skills and an art to capture irreplaceable moments and translating them into pictures.

Pointing a camera and pushing a button is not only skills needed to be a wedding photographer.  Talent and a proper education are essential.

You must earn a degree in photography. It helps you to familiarize & gain some experience with all type of different photography equipments.

Make a portfolio where your best works are featured. And updated frequently.

In starting you will get an average pay. But gradually when you grew up and become an experienced photographer, You can raise both your charges and gigs.

The Best Advice for a wedding photographer is to-

  1. First, earn a degree/ Diploma in Photography.
  2. Just after earning a photography degree, try earning with a more experienced photographer.

Act as an assistant & second shooter. It will help you to grow and gain more and more experience.

2. Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is the most demanding profession today.  Become a master fashion photographer will earn you a huge fame & Money.

They are known for producing eye-catching photographs for accessories, apparel, lifestyle.

You can start your own photography business after completing some courses. Many colleges and institute offer courses and degrees in photography.

Better will be if you start your career off by becoming assistant of the established photographer. It will help you to gain some experience and industry knowledge first hand.

Fashion Photographer tends to make more money. As a fashion photographer, You always get chance to travel an exotic vacation.

It’s best for girl lovers. Because you will mostly spend your time with models.

Life of fashion photographer seems very glamorous. But It is also more stressful and has a lot of pressure attached because of tight deadlines and client expectations for the photographs.

Competition is very tough in this business. When you start getting some experience things will be easy for you.

Other types of photography:-

  1. Travel photography
  2. Event photography
  3. News photography
  4. Vehicle Photography
  5. Lifestyle photography
  6. Food photography and lots of another sector which need photography.



How to start Photography Business

Starting a photography business includes.:-

  1. Types of photography services you will offer.

  2. BUSINESS plan.

  3. Equipment

  4. License

  5. Website

  6. Marketing

1.Types of photography services you will offer.

If you want your photography business to be successful, You must pursue one type of photography and stick on it.

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So, Before getting ahead Consider the photography service you are going to offer.

Working with an experienced photographer will give an opportunities to build a portfolio that shows a handful of models what you are capable of.

Building a portfolio will speak much more highly of your photography skills in respective areas.

Lesson- “stick to one type of photography business”.

2. Business Plan

No matter it’s a photography business or e-commerce business. The business plan is the first thing you need to grow up in any business.

Some people think business plans are only needed for getting investors and loans from banks. The fact is that it helps you to focus on your special identities, target market, and product & services.

There are lots of things you can do in photography business but you can’t do everything.  You can’t be both wedding and wildlife photographer together.

A business plan helps you to set your goals & priorities. It will help you to review & track the progress of your business.


  1. What is a Business Plan?
  2. A business plan is just like a map or blueprint of your entire business. It is a written plan for any business that includes – Details of your Business, Goals, Priorities, and methods to achieve Business Goals.


Before starting any business planning is most important.

A business plan helps you like a guide. There will some time come when you desperately need a business plan for your business. Like – Getting Bank Loans, Investors, Startup Funding and Business Partners

3.Turning Passion Into Business – A Journey

Starting a photography business is not just about taking pictures. You will have a business minded person. You must create a business plan for your business.

Converting passion into business needs a business mind as well as business plan.  Think how you can create something sustainable.

Become an expert photographer in your industry first, then learn all aspects of Business.

At some point, you will get some complexities when people will try to stop you from achieving your goals. Don’t allow those intentions to shape your life.

Turning your passion into business seems hard at some point. Don’t afraid to change your path. After some months of experience, Photography business is a piece of cake.

If you are passionate about photography, you will become increasingly extraordinary.

The truth is –

“ONE person or skill can spur a variety of money-making business ideas.”

Go ahead and turn your photography passion into a successful business at some time.

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If photography is your hobby, you already have much of the equipment.  If you don’t have. Collect some money and buy basic equipment first. Later, Buy other materials.  Always do a deep online research, See reviews before buying Camera and other equipment

Q.What Equipment are you need to start a Photography Business

  1. Batteries
  2. Photo-editing software
  3. Quality Photo-Paper
  4. Lights
  5. Screens
  6. Stands
  7. Scanner
  8. Background paper

Watch the Video for more information:-

If these costs seem expensive, you can rent equipment for your photography business. Check out the local business that rents out Photography equipment in your area.


After your business set up is done, you need to obtain licenses or permit for your business. Start your business as Sole-proprietorship. It costs low and easiest method to register your business.

LLC is also good for protection of personal assets.

Once you’ve your business license by your city or country, You can open a business bank account.


Marketing is featured at the last of the article but should be done better than other steps above. Its only way to convince your clients that you are the answers to their needs.

Marketing helps you to get new articles and increase sales.

Marketing your photography business is one of the most difficult tasks for a new photographer. But its also easy if you start is on social media and do consistently.

Taking great photos is not only needed in the photography business.  Marketing skills are essential to growing your business.


Starting a photography business gets easy for them who love to snap pictures at parties or enjoy capturing various shades of life through Lenses.

A creative eye, technical and business knowledge is enough to launch your photography business.  Follow the above steps above. Do some hard work to turn your passion in business. Don’t afraid of failure. Start part-time along with your job and at a time it is gonna make you extraordinary.

Good Luck. !!!

Author: Nilesh Dixit

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